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Industry Excellence Agenda

The industry development agenda project is an initiative of the Second action plan 2017-2019 of the Strengthening our sector strategy 2016-2019. The Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) has been working in partnership with Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) for this project, to strengthen the capacity and capability of the child and family support sector. 

As a result of this partnership the QFCC is pleased to announce the launch of two practical resources to build sector capacity and workforce capability for organisations in the child and family support sector. 

The Business Maturity Scorecard is a free online tool for organisations to measure, record and track their business maturity over time. The Scorecard provides organisations with a way to measure, record and track performance across eight business domains including workforce, digital capability and funding/finance. Once a short series of questions is completed users are presented with insights into their organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement. We encourage you to follow this link and see if the scorecard could be of benefit to your organisation. The scorecard questions take less than 20 minutes to complete. 

The Excellence Framework for Child Safe Organisations is a free online resource to guide organisations in the child and family support sector through an action learning process in being child safe. It is intended to generate the culture shifts needed for organisations to function in line with the Child Safe Standards and National Principles for Child Safe Organisations and guides organisations from introducing the concept of Child Safe Organisations, through developing shared understanding to implementing actions in all areas of an organisation. 

By engaging with these practical resources organisations have the opportunity to move towards proactive activities within an industry excellence framework. 


Community-Controlled Organisations – Far North Queensland Engagement

In late July/early August 2018, the Commissioner met with CEOs of new Family Wellbeing Services, Mayors and other community leaders in the Far North Queensland region. The purpose of the engagement was to promote QFCC initiatives including Talking Families and OnePlace, projects under the Strengthening our Sector second action plan 2017-19 and QFCC priorities on hearing the voices of children, young people and their families. The visit was also an opportunity to hear from leaders on the positive impact the reform agenda is making in Queensland and any issues concerning them.

Feedback from all organisations was positive and it was noted that it is important that leaders in Brisbane are aware of issues facing the Far North regions. 

Following this Far North Queensland visit by the Commissioner, members of the project team visited Hope Vale and Cooktown, meeting with Community Controlled Organisations and community leaders to gather their unique perspectives as part of the research phase of the project. 

The project team, including QFCC and the Community Insights team from the Queensland Public Service Commission, are currently planning to engage in Yarrabah. Cairns and surrounds in mid to late October. 



QCOSS Event - Changing Lives, Changing Communities

The Commissioner attended a forum facilitated by our key partner the Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS) in Hervey Bay on Friday 24 August 2018. This was a two day event that was open to the community of Hervey Bay to discuss stories from their communities with a view to developing a process to create the movement for change. Further information about the event can be located here.

QCOSS and Wide Bay Women’s Health Centre Inc. Event - The Next Step: Bringing and Keeping our Ghundus Home Forum

On Monday 3 September 2018, the Commissioner attended a one day forum facilitated by QCOSS and the Wide Bay Women’s Health Centre Incorporated. This was a one day event that focused on the incoming changes in the child protection legislation, as well as yarning circles and where to from here.

QCOSS Conference 2018

The QFCC was a proud supporter of the Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS) Conference, held on 16-17 May in Brisbane and attended by more than 300 people from across the state.

The conference featured the theme ‘Movement for change – play your part’ and focused on the stories we tell as organisations and as a community, and what they mean for our present and future.

It was a great opportunity for our Sector Development team to staff a stand, catch up with old friends and new ones working in and with the sector, and listen to some inspiring speakers.

Visitor feedback over the two days praised the value of the resources we have available for the sector to build capability and support workers.

The Information kit for child protection professionals and families was hot property along with the Myth-busting guide for information sharing and our ever-popular ‘mop head’ pens. We also received some great suggestions for materials to support more collaboration and place-based approaches.

You can check out more of the QFCC’s online resources for more information or to offer feedback.


CSIA Industry Leadership Forum 

Senior leaders in child and family service delivery have come together to share ideas for a thriving and successful community services industry. Please check the Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) website The QFCC and CSIA partnered to host the Industry Leadership Forum on Tuesday (29 May) at the State Library in Brisbane.

Attendees heard about research and the vital next steps in responding to the 2012 Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry’s Taking Responsibility – a Roadmap for Queensland Child Protection.

QFCC Principal Commissioner, Cheryl Vardon, said it was important to share the stories of the innovative work from the partnership with CSIA.

“We want to ensure it is sustainable beyond the Carmody Reforms when the impetus and funding dies away,” Cheryl said.

CSIA Chief Executive Officer, Belinda Drew, stressed the themes of partnership and collaboration, which were picked up by Matthew Gillett – CSIA Industry Development Officer - who took attendees through findings of the Laying Foundations for Industry Excellence and research into organisational performance in the child protection sector.

Matthew said the organisational response showed the appetite for change – through amalgamations, peer meetings and digital capacity building – was growing.

“People are enthusiastic for the opportunities to grow and to change the industry, and we’re very excited about this work” he said.

Matthew said the CSIA was committed to working with QFCC to identify priority areas in the second half of 2018. He said more forums would be held for industry groups, including those in the regions. Please check the CSIA website for sessions you can attend in your local area. 

More information and resources can be found on the CSIA website.